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Pastors Antonio & Maria Rojas 

Pursue the Essence of God's Presence


Join us Every Saturday at 6pm for HOTSPOT. HOTSPOT is a time where Youth and Young Adults can come & experience the Love & Fellowship of God as well as be themselves in a world that pushes them not too.

PURSUIT is the Youth & Young Adults ministry of Resurrection Power Ministries. We are filled with vibrant, passionate, creative people focused on experiencing the essence of who God while in His presence. Pursuit has a firm foundation in the word of God and is committed to proclaiming its truth. Our Pastors desire is to not only build the kingdom of God but raise a generation of mighty Intercessors, Worshippers, and Revivalist!


Join us at our Upcoming Pursuit Night on Sunday at 6pm. 


PURSUIT is a weekly gathering of Youth & Young Adults for the sole purpose of worshiping Jesus and pursuing the more of God. We believe that the moment you enter into God's presence you will begin to truly see His Love & Power. It is in His presence that you see who He is and all that He wants for you. The PURSUIT of being in His presence will drive you to the more of God as well as give you an unquenchable fire & desire to stay in His presence. As Leaders, we believe that this generation has been Chosen, Called, and Set Apart to carry God's Presence and SPEAK His words!  

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